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About Viastra Pen Content Center

About Viastra Pen Content Center

Let me tell you a bit about Viastra Pen, in June 2022, I decided to start working independently, after over 18 years of working with a marketing firm. I thought it would be easier to set up, get established, and start earning money right away. I was disappointed. Instead, I found roadblocks on every path I took. I was one of the best but had no way to prove it.

To make matters worse, I resided in Nicaragua and was immediately rejected for mentioning that.  After being rejected by 85 content centers, one of them turned down my article because I used AP 6 instead of AP7, so I decided to launch my own. Within one week after launching, I landed a client for $2,300 monthly.

I decided to make the center a place where anyone, novice or expert, could find adequate resources for writing and making a living online. I am still tweaking the process but for now, I am working with our renovation mindset.

What exactly do I do?

I deliver sales to businesses through organic and direct traffic.

Search Engine Optimization: I write SEO content in order for their websites to rank within the top ten results on Google and Bing search engines. Articles are well-researched, unique, free of grammatical and syntax errors, and comply with the client’s specifications.

Email Marketing: I deliver direct traffic by building email lists for businesses. This also includes sending weekly newsletters to subscribers. I create copies, and newsletter articles and provide timely reports.

Our Clients

I have been blessed with some of the best clients, who have trusted their email campaigns and search engine optimization needs to me.  I maintain my commitment to delivering sales. And I have, so far, with no regrets.

Our Users

Viastra Pen Content Center is young. It is growing thanks to our users who have decided to participate in our quest to make knowledge and resources available to those who need them. They come,  and each time to read, to learn, and to share.

Read. Learn. Share.

And when they do, they will fulfill our dreams and they will Write better, Rank faster, and get more Sales.

Want to join us? Welcome.


300 MTS del Prque Central
Leon, Leon, Nicaragua, 15700

Tel: +505-8488-3458