Viastra Money Reward Guide

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Welcome to Viastra MoneyBETA . We are still tweaking things for our rewards, trying to make sure that you get credited for your hard work. We’ve got your back, so no need to worry. So, dig in, and let’s have a look at what’s under the hood.  Register

Start Earning from Your First Day

  • Earn when you register
  • Earn when you share a post
  • Earn when you make a comment
  • Earn when you write a review
  • Earn when you make a post.

Reward Points
Once you register an account you will begin to earn points for everything you do, including your registration. These points are valuable and will be added to your account instantly.  You can use them to make purchases, claim your rewards, and even (coming soon) withdraw them as cash.  Register

Reward Guide – Methods and Paths

Viastra MoneyBETA currently has x ways through which you can earn points. Each method or path has different points and some of them are only added upon approval Let’s clear that up a bit.

  • Reward Methods: These tasks give you points as soon as you complete them. No approval is needed from us and your points get to your account immediately. For example, when you share an article on Facebook, you will receive 3 points immediately.
  • Reward Paths: These are complementary tasks that lead to an eventual reward. Someone must approve it before your account is credited. For example, when you post a blog comment, it will be pending an editor’s review. Once approved, your account will be credited 15 points.

Now that you know the difference, let’s go see the rewards.

  1. Share an article or page: there are more than 10 sharing options. These include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Instagram, etc. When you read an article or page, you will see a social bar with all the available options. You can share by clicking on your favorite icon.
  2. Email: You can recommend an article to a friend or relative who you believe would like to read it. Just click on the email icon and fill in the details. Email sharing carries more points.
  3. Blog commenting: You can tell us how you feel about our posts. Please note that we have a unique way of making our comments. And that is why it pays 15 points. Firstly, you must read the post. Secondly, check if they had a previous comment. If it does, answer the question posed by the last comment. Thirdly, make your comment or answer, then end the comment with a question.
  4. Write a review: Reviews will earn you 50 points plus real money. During the BETA stage, we will be paying a per 100 words price. To qualify for posting a review you must have earned 150 points including two comments.
  5. Refer a Friend: Referring your friends is important to us, it makes us feel special. So we are rewarding 25 points for every friend plus a percentage of any purchase made by your friend. Please note, you will need to use your unique affiliate link. Register
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Online Casino Accounts


Writing Templates: These templates are created to help you write better, rank faster, and make more money. Currently available are

  • Blog Writing template: 10 points
  • News writing templates: 15 points
  • Academic writing template: 20 points
  • Premium SEO article template: 30 points plus $5 (or buy it now $25)

$50 Casino accounts: 250 points

SEO Articles: 100 points

1 year webhosting: 200 points