Hot SEO Summer Sale- $10 Market Place

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Welcome to the $10 Market Place

As part of our dedication to helping bloggers improve their writing, rank faster on Google or Bing, and to increase sales – we have placed several SEO-boosting services at your disposal. You can find the best services and items available for only $10 in our Hot SEO Summer Sale.

NB: The items listed below are guaranteed for thirty days, after which they may be removed from the list.

Buy Any Item Below For $10


1) 100 Backlinks

You will receive 100 unique backlinks to your website. All of these links will be placed in sentences with related keywords. You will be asked to provide your website URL and up to 4 keywords.

Report: A full Excell file will be sent with all links, keywords, and host data.

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2) 13,000+ LinkedIn Profile Ad

Place your ad before 13,000 plus unique LinkedIn users.  The ad format will include your desired page and a short summary.

Report: You will receive a photo-shot report and a link to the profile.

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3) 1,000 Free Search traffic (Google or Bing)

Receive search engine traffic to your website.  People will search for your website in the search engines and follow your link.  Please make sure that your website is indexed before buying this package.

Traffic will be sent from either Google or Bing for your chosen keyword. Visitors will originate from the US or the UK.

Report: You will receive a detailed report.

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4) 1 Premium SEO Template

Would you like to write better SEO articles? This is the best template online. It is used by several content firms to run their writing department. This outline will help you with

  1. Research
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Content Layout
  4. LSI keywords
  5. SEO Score

Write better, rank faster, and get more sales.

Buy now! Buy as many articles as you like.

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