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Managing personal finance smartly is not a big deal today. Dozens of apps for Android and Apple smartphones are available in app stores. Some of these personal finance apps are free and some are paid. With the help of these apps, one can create a personal budget. The financial part now seems organized and sticking to it is easy. The most popular and best personal finance apps for smartphones are:

  1. YNAB
  2. Mint
  3. Simplifi

YNAB – Personal Finance App for Budget Creation

YNAB is shortened for ‘You Need A Budget’. It is a paid personal finance app for budget creation with an annual subscription of $98.99. However, no payment is required to understand whether it is worth the price. A 34-day trial period is offered and you can establish if this software meets your budgeting needs.

The app is best in the segment for its complete budget makeover features and strong customer service.

  • It easily syncs with one’s bank accounts
  • Prioritizes the security and privacy of users.
  • It uses bank-level encryption to protect data.

Simultaneously, it offers a plethora of educational resources for users to understand personal finance better and learn some saving tips.

Mint -Personal Finance App for Tracking Investments

There are some excellent reasons to place the Mint personal finance budgeting app next to YNAB. It is popular among 25 million users for being free and easy to use. It offers free TransUnion credit scores and has made tracking investment simple. It has proved to be a great help for many in improving their spending habits.

  • The app syncs well with financial accounts and organizes spending automatically.
  • It facilitates monthly bill tracking such as payment reminders to help users get rid of late fees.
  • It provides smart reports on investments

The company claims users’ login information is stored in a separate database equipped with several hardware and software encryption layers.

Simplifi – Personal Finance App for Subscription Management

Simplifi is a paid personal finance app created for subscription management.  It has an annual subscription of $47.99, a 30-day free trial period, and user-friendly features. It facilitates real-time updates of personalized spending plans and displays monthly spending balances.

The app easily syncs with bank accounts and is best known for easily and error-free tracking monthly bills and subscriptions. It monitors the cash flow and ensures that it is not overspending. Some more pros are:

  • Monthly payment of $5.99
  • Strong cash flow tools
  • Encrypts data

Many personal finance apps are available for smartphones, YNB, Mint, and Simpli are three of the best options.

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  1. Personal finance apps help us to save a lot of time in tracking our income as we can categorize the expenses under different categories like entertainment, food, electricity bill, rent, fuel and more. However, I’m not sure whether linking our bank accounts to this app is good. Will these apps protect our personal information?

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