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According to the IEA report on electric cars 2022, there are more than 16.5 million electric vehicles in the world, but how do they compare with the Tesla Model 3?  Built around safety, it has received the NHTSA 5- Star certification, and the IHS Top Safety Pick+ Award for 2022.

The Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car
This recent model continues to uphold Chevy’s focus on providing family cars, offering more seating room than most EVs. An affordable model, this was the top seller on the PEV market until the Tesla Model 3 clipped it in 2020 and 2021. Chevy Bolt can run an average of 259 miles before needing to recharge and carries an updated recharger model that allows it to charge faster.

The Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle
This is the quiet side of electric cars 2022. Almost soundless, the Nissan Leaf is ideal for city traveling with high traffic. The Leaf still lags behind the Tesla Model 3 in rechargeable battery life span, hitting below 220 miles at best, while the Model 3 does 270 miles and up to 300. This car is one of the most affordable, starting at US$24 thousand, a better price than the Chevy Bolt or Model 3.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E
Ford is thinking futuristic, with no muffler, the Mustang Mach-E is tomorrow’s vehicle. With ramped-up car technology, this is surely one of the most luxurious electric cars 2022, with a price of US$44 thousand, way above the Tesla Model 3. It is also slower than most EVs and averages 264 hours on the battery charge, still losing to the Model 3.

Since the introduction of electric cars, ten years later, all major names have entered the fast-growing industry. The reviews are fuming as the forte of electric cars 2022 showcases novelties.

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  1. EV is the future and countries are developing better technologies to make electric vehicles more efficient. Hope soon we can see only EVs running in the cities and this may reduce pollution. What will the oil-producing countries do thereafter?

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