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The email marketing statistics are all in favor of a profitable 2023. If you have not built your mailing list yet, this is a perfect time. According to Radicati, there will be 4.4 billion email users by 2024 with projected revenue spending of $8.49 billion.  And 99% of these users check their emails daily.

This is the opportune moment to join 64% of small businesses that are using email marketing to increase revenue, grow their brands, and improve customer engagement.  Let’s take a closer look at what this entails.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of communicating with an audience using emails. Businesses may share information with a group of subscribers called a list. The main goal is to acquire new clients, build a loyal database, and enhance client engagement.  These users are usually classified by established criteria which help in defining the type of copy they will receive.

Newsletter: 89% of Marketers use email marketing as their number one marketing vehicle. they create different types of copies called newsletters that may contain promos, updates, breaking news, or even third-party ads.  Each newsletter is designed for a specific purpose and sent to a special list. This is known as an email campaign.

Newsletters are usually sent on a set schedule, weekly, monthly, etc, and most delivery software or platforms. uses inbuilt tracking programs that will report on the campaign’s performance. The most common data provided are

  • How many emails were successfully delivered
  • How many subscribers opened your email
  • How many of the opened emails received clicks
  • What other types of actions were taken by subscribers? Did someone unsubscribe, or reported your email as SPAM?

Social Integration: Most newsletters give users access to share on their favorite social media or to send an email to a friend. Are you ready to start? Get a free assessment or  Launch your newsletter  

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Types of Email Marketing

People established mail lists for different reasons: constant contact, generating leads, conducting research or investigation, or transactional emails.

Newsletter emails: This form of marketing is built around relationships. The client learns about the small business, likes what it offers, and decides to receive timely information from it. The business welcomes the trust placed in them by the user and sends ongoing email copies to engage the client.

Tip: Businesses can send any type of copy to the client. However creating an email message with multiple snippets from your services and blogs, will deliver better results.

Lead generation emails: This is usually done through a third party. The list owner agrees to allow the new business to present a message to his clients. The goal is to generate leads or even sales.

Tip: Create a landing page that deals specifically with the content of the email message,

Feedback emails: Investigations and research work may require input from the client. Whether it is a product review, poll, information update, etc, generating user feedback will add value to the report. Email marketing is cheaper than any other method when conducting surveys or polls.

Transactional emails: Most businesses use transactional emailing without noting. These emails are sent by an installed software on the website and generate an email whenever a user completes a task or transaction, here are some common examples of transactional emails

  1. User email confirmation upon registration to member areas
  2. Purchase receipts after a successful payment
  3. Subscription notices
  4. Application confirmation
  5. Special user codes or password recovery emails
  6. Updates to software, services, privacy policy, etc.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Of all the marketing vectors that are being used online, email marketing is the best option in almost every comparison. It tops social media, outperforms CPC advertisements, beats banner ads, and trail closely to contextual search ads.

Vectors ROI CTR/ER Channel Choice Conversion Rate
Email Marketing


3.71 60%


Social Media


0.58 20%




0.46 Unknown


Banner Ads


0.1 -0.61% 2.35%

(Source: Statista, Google, and Optin Monster)

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

However, there are no comparisons with some of the performance aspects of emails.  It is the king with return on investments. Although some sources state that email marketing will return $44 for every $1, the most common numbers are $36 for every $1 spent.  Here are some of the many benefits of email campaigns.

  1. Best ROI: Email has the highest return on investment than any other marketing method.
  2. Low investment cost
  3. Permission-based: People are asking for your information on a timely basis
  4. 91% of users check their emails on a daily basis
  5. There are about 4.4 billion email users worldwide
  6. Global purchase via emails is expected to be $8.49 billion in 2023
  7. it is the best method for updates and promo announcements
  8. Effective targetted campaigns based on user specifics
  9. No expiry dates for ad campaigns
  10. Unlimited usage and expansion

The list of benefits goes on.  if you have not started your email list yet or using an effective campaign, you can launch a campaign today.

Email Marketing Strategy

You may be wondering how is it possible to earn $36 by only investing a single $1.  64% of small businesses have done it by implementing email strategies to guide their campaigns. By strategies, we look at how to best use the tools we have to accomplish given goals and objectives.

The most common objectives of email campaigns are

  • increase open rates
  • Improve click-throughs
  • Generate more sales

These objectives are easily met with email campaign strategies. Some of these have existed since the north of emails in the 1970s, others have been tweaked and improved, and most are new. In this article, we address four email strategies that you may use to clinch marketing goals.


People like to be addressed by their names. Using a name in the email subject and the salutation will add a personal touch to your email. The user will feel special and be more likely to open the mail. Here’s an example

Subject: Good News Mike Galaxy. We Found a Match

Salutation: Dear Mike

Some email hosts such as Google will send emails without personal data to the SPAM folder.

Subject Line Title

The rule of engagement says ‘First impression last’, and with email marketing, having a good subject line can make the difference between an open or a Bin.  I write reviews for a book club and was frustrated by the inconsistency issue of their editors. I decided to leave the review.  One day they sent me an email with this headline

Hey Warner,  You did it this time

Curiosity killed the cat. yes, I opened it and I am still with the review.

Tip: Create several subject headlines. next read them aloud, selecting only those that grabbed your attention. Eliminate down to two.  Ask someone else to make the final choice.

Send Emails Optimized for Mobile Apps

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In 2022, an estimated 49% of users opened their emails using a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet.  This number is set to increase as more users acquire smartphones.  That is why it is important to select a copy that is mobile-friendly.

Schedule for Best Opens

Dispatching your email campaign should be done to optimize opens. Test different sending hours to establish the best time to do so.  You may send it at night with the hope of an early morning open, or during the day to target people at work. the best days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, it is best to test your list to establish the best delivery schedules.

Email marketing is a must for any business that desires to engage with its customers, increase sales and reduce advertising costs.

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  1. With the people living on the world of Instagram and TikTok reels, email marketing might look less attractive. But, it takes less time to create an email campaign as there are many standard templates. For what type of businesses, email campaign works well?

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