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This unusual offer, free articles for your website or blogs, has no catch to it. Once you agree to our terms and follow the procedures, a completely free creative of your liking will be yours. Just to be clear, this is not a free website or a free blog offer. Only website or blog content.

What is a Free Article?
Sometimes you see a creative that you love and desire to have one similar or by the same writer.  What if you could get it free? What is a free article anyways? If you could get a piece written just for you, with all the perks, but not having to pay for it, would you count that as free?

I have seen it before, so many times that the free version is of a lower standard than that of the paid version. Well, if it weren’t so, no one would upgrade. Our free content is just like a paid article except that we ask for a link back to our website.

How to Get Free Articles?
If you are reading this, then I bet you are wondering how to get free articles. The process is as follows.

  • Pick a niche: Make sure that your article is in a niche that we cover. We can write in almost any niche but we refuse adult content, weapons, drugs (not medicine), religion, racism, alcohol consumption, etc.
  • Register as a user: You will be treated as a client,
  • Request your article: As soon as you are registered enter the VP Store and buy a free article, no credit cards, no PayPal info, etc, – just submit the request.

Writing Your Free Article
Once your website has been approved, we will begin to write your free article. Here is the key information we will need from you

  1. The title of your creative
  2. Your main or primary keyword
  3. Two anchor text and links if you desire
  4. The desired length of your article (300 – 500)
  5. Which of the following should we include (stock photo, outbound authoritative link, in page citation)
  6. Desired delivery time in the number of days (Standard 2 – 3 days, not available weekends)

That was not so hard. Getting free articles for your website or blog, shouldn’t change the relevant work process or the quality of your content. Before requesting a free creative with us, make sure that you read a sample from your niche or similar. This way you will be able to decide if we are a fit for your needs.

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