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Competing on Google’s search pages has become a wistful desire for many surfers, The SEO market has become overly competitive with the bigger budgets getting the best places. It is extremely difficult and unless you have time and experience, it can become a futile battle. here are some facts to keep in mind.

  • 2 billion: That is the number of websites competing for the top ten positions
  • 8.5 billion: Incredible! yet that is how many searches Google processes each day.m add that to Bing’s 900 million
  • $6.3 trillion.: This is the better part of the news. There is enough money to go around. Go get your piece of the pie.

Benefits of SEO Articles Retainer Packages
Acquiring anyone of our SEO Retainer Packages will advance your website or blog in many ways. Here are just a few

  1. Well-researched and unique articles that will empower your SERP rankings at no extra cost
  2. Articles are written alongside an SEO site map to ensure optimum performance
  3. Improve client interaction and education
  4. All articles follow a unique outline with Evergreen and SEO standards
  5. Packages include articles for backlinks

Types of SEO Retainer Packages
There are two types of SEO Retainer Packages, divided by the length and purpose of the post. These are blog posts or website articles:

Blog Posts: These are independent blogs with a small clientele. The aim is communication on related topics or branding. While they generally use a standard unique article outline, a site map may not be a desired part of their plan. Posts are generally standard 500 – 1,000 words.

Website Articles: these are small to medium sites that have or desire a clientele. They are guided by a site map and a standard article outline that helps them to achieve SEO competitiveness and client engagement. They range from 1,000 to 3,000 words.

Prices and Packages

SEO Blog Posts

Word Length  500 words  750 words  1,000 words
Posts per Month 5 posts 11 posts 21 posts
Monthly Price $60 $122 $413

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SEO Website Articles

Word Length 1,200 words  1,500 words  2,500 words
Posts per Month 5 posts 11 posts 21 posts
Monthly Price $300 $750 $1,300

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