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Google Search has inspired a more connected web where websites recommend each other.   Webmasters build backlinks to indicate trust in other pages. Each site focuses on earning more inbound links as this increases its authority score and affects how it is ranked by search engines.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a vote of confidence between websites.  The webmaster of a blog recognizes another as a relevant reference for a given topic. This is called an outbound link since the website is telling Google that this webpage can provide credible information on the issue.

There are three main ways in which webmasters may choose to give outbound link credits to another page.

  1.  The Source:  When writers quote data or scientific information, they are expected to indicate the source of such content. This lends credibility to the article. The norm may be a link to the information, or a footnote called a citation.
  2.  Intext Links: Not all bloggers use footer references. A popular practice is to place a direct link from the cited information to the web source. for example,  when using in-text backlinks, check the authority score, the link points to the source directly.
  3. Popular Site Title: Authors may resort to this method when they refer to a website that everyone already knows. For example, according to Google, backlinks are very important to a website’s overall rank score.

When the linking direction changes, that is the links are now pointing to your website from another, it is called inbound links. This is the most difficult part of SEO.

Build backlinks
Build Backlinks

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process by which a website obtains references from another.  This vote of confidence is shown by creating any one of the three link styles mentioned above.

Webmasters need inbound links to enhance successful marketing campaigns that involve monetizing a website.   Since search engines are now smarter, they calculate a link score to determine how valuable the site is in its niche.

Not all links are the same. They differ by established metrics, such as domain authority.  However,  all links are eventually of some value, and it is common to see a website with a lower number of backlinks outranking another on the SERPs.

For example, for the keyword backlinks, Mailchimp (695 backlinks) outranks SEMrush (1959 backlinks).

Benefits of Building Backlinks

Having other websites linking to you can be a world of benefits.  These are just a few of the values one can earn from backlinks.

  • Get referral traffic to your website
  • Help with search engine ranking
  • Brand awareness
  • Builds website authority

How to Build Backlinks

Backlink building is a new SEO department.  There are writers dedicated to obtaining inbound links from other websites. This job was created mostly due to Google’s Search backlink value system.  So how do you build backlinks?

When a search tells you that you may need 800+ backlinks to rank on the first page of Google, what can you do?

Affilite Program
Affiliate Program

If your competitor has 3,968 backlinks, how do you proceed?

How do you build backlinks to compete on Google Search?

Buying Backlinks: Most users resort to buying links from cheap link farms that provide little value in the end.  That is an easy way to do it but the result may be mostly low-quality links and very little advancement.
Warning: Buying backlinks against Google’s standards may be penalized if discovered. Read more on buying backlinks here 

The good news is you can win this game. You can put these four techniques in place.

Build Backlinks Using Press Release

Most people do not bother to use press releases. yet this is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks. A release can get your announcement before more than 500 news media. These websites are of high quality and you will be posted on their website with a link to you.

You may go here for a quick guide on how to write a press release.  We will also help you get your release out to news sites including Google news.

Write Guest Posts with Backlinks

Guest posting has become another of the new jobs that Google created. people get paid to create special guest posts for special websites. The need exists since most website owners do not care to create their own guest blogs.

Just think of getting 50 niche backlinks through guest posting. That’s 50 articles, and they must be unique and match the theme of the hosting blog.  So, instead, they hire someone to do this.

How to find guest posts: To find guest post opportunities simply conduct a Google search like this “write for us” + keyword. The result will show all the people who are accepting guest posts under a particular keyword. They will also provide the submission guidelines for the guest post.

Use Link Exchange to Build backlinks

Link exchange has been the oldest method used to build backlinks. Earning inbound links this way is usually faster than guest posting.  You simply offer the exchange with another website in your niche and post the link on your website.

Finding Link Exchange Opportunities: The easiest way to find link exchange is to register in webmaster forums. They usually have a marketplace where people can exchange links. You can approach members and get valuable backlinks.

You should also insert your website in your signature on these forums.  You will earn additional traffic.

Creating Source Pages

If your website provides valuable how-to information or technical processes, you can create resource pages that provide details to users. These pages are then listed in the centers of these niches, For example, if you are in the home and garden niche, you may create a source page on how to create raised bed gardens.

Go to the OSU/ATI home and garden guide and list your page. You will now have a valuable .edu backlink. you can repeat this to as many universities as you like. Each form may take between 5 – 10 minutes.

The task of building backlinks is an ongoing procedure and by far the most tedious of all SEO processes. Doing right can have long-reaching rewards with lifelong organic traffic.



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