All-Inclusive Marketing

The Case for All-Inclusive Marketing

Online all-inclusive marketing is up next. What if you could hire a marketing firm that charged a single price for all your marketing needs? What if there was a way to include all the marketing vectors under one umbrella? A vehicle where each handle complemented the other?

Such a concept would pattern the all-inclusive marketing strategy seen in hotels and online casinos. In 1997, as a teenager then, I joined Jamaican billionaire Gordon Stewart in his five-island campaign to launch his all-inclusive hotel chain, Sandals Resort.

Over the years, the concept populated and the uniqueness of the Sandals model became a trend. The industry adopted a model that improved ROI, reduced advertising costs,s and increased sales.


Can this be Copied to Online Marketing?

In 2003, I pioneered the creation of the first all-inclusive casino. At the time most online casinos offered simple casino games or were complemented with sports betting. The casino, Getmore Sports, integrated horse racing, sports betting, call center, casino, poker, bingo, and partner hotels that offered Vegas-style walk-ins.

Can this model be copied to online marketing? What if all your major marketing needs were covered under one roof?

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing

Integrating these four vectors would certainly achieve the optimum results desired by every business. Reduce their advertising cost, better their ROI, and increase sales. See a complete price comparison here.

The concept is contrary to the best business practices, where you invest well and expect a 2:1 ratio on your investment. Yet, wouldn’t that be ignoring the invaluable research data at our fingertips?

Vector ROI Users Choice Popularity Volume
Email Marketing 38:1 60% 64% 4.4 Billion emails
SEO 32:1 87.3% 93% 9.4 Billion daily
Affiliate Marketing 28:1 N/A 62% 1.2 Trillion websites
Social Media ? 20% 89% 5.7 Billion Users

Source: Google, Statista, OptinMonster

Reduce Advertising Costs

An all-inclusive marketing project will make alarming reductions to any marketing budget.  In the same way that blockchain reduces costs by eliminating the middleman, this marketing model removes multiple agency costs, going directly to the marketing vehicle.

Using email marketing as an example, there are several players involved in the process

  • The list builder such as Big Al
  • The email campaign platform, such as Aweber
  • The copywriter for the ad copies in each newsletter
  • The web designer for each landing page

The all-inclusive marketing model eliminates all of these units, combining them into one single service, email mail marketing. So, now your advertising budget is 57% less.

Search Engine Optimization: This has become one of the most expensive marketing vehicles. Even with so much competition, the costs to get a front-page listing is slowly eluding most small companies.

Here are the evergrowing disadvantages of paying for the SEO process

  1. AI software is now necessary to compete
  2. The SEO process is a long-term project
  3. An SEO that works well is a costly investment
  4. There are over 80 million competitors
  5. Google and Bing keep improving their AI

The all-inclusive marketing model is much more than a cost eliminator.  It also allows for better management of such long-term projects. Instead of contacting your SEO, your software provider, your marketing manager, etc; you contact your agent.

Your advertising budget is reduced by 51.4%.

How All-inclusive Marketing Will Better Your ROI

If you are wondering just how all-inclusive marketing will better your ROI, here are some insights. One of the fortes of this online marketing model is its dependency on stats. This makes it both an inclusive and reclusive club.

All-inclusive marketing
Better your ROI with all-inclusive marketing

Some ad formats and marketing vectors are poor performers returning little on money invested. Viastra Pen carefully excludes these models. A well-known example is the CPC or CPM delivered through banner modules.

Lowest CTR: Banner ads have the lowest click-through rate of all types of display ads, with less than 0.26%. This means less than 3 clicks per 1,000 views.

Universal Rejection: Another reason why you should eliminate banner ads from your budget is the worldwide reception. Over 91% of online users consider banner ads as intrusive and would prefer not to see them.

The Business Center all-inclusive model only utilizes marketing methods that have an ROI of 5:1 or higher. This means that from the onset, your campaigns are optimized for higher performance.

Will All-inclusive Marketing Increase Your Sales?

Our All-inclusive platform includes the highest-performing marketing methods that are tailored to bring you an influx of sales. These include email marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing.

As each of these marketing vectors garners traction, it expands and delivers more sales. The standard package of our services delivers

  • 30,000 subscribers to your email list
  • 75 active affiliates
  • 5 SEO articles each month

The combination works, complementing each other. For example, more affiliates mean more registers, more subscribers transform into more traffic, and good traffic increases your SEO rankings.

Social Media Marketing: While we do not charge for social media marketing, it is an integral part of our marketing. Like most online marketers, we do not have enough evidence to effectively measure the ROI of social platforms.

What is certain is the important role that viral marketing has in affiliate marketing.  We are still scouring the web and measuring the results, and very soon there will be better data.

How to Start your All-inclusive Marketing Campaign

Getting started is easy, and is done in three steps. You will be asked for your website address and basic contact information. You will not be required to provide payment or private information at this point. You can add them to your Client Portal later.

  1. Review the all-inclusive service packages and decide which is a fit for you, Click here
  2. Request an assessment, outlining your goals and the desired package
  3. You will be guided to establish an account and a customer service representative will contact you immediately.

Establishing an all-inclusive marketing account is essential to improving your ROI, reducing your advertising budget, and increasing your sales. We are committed to delivering sales.



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