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Of all the marketing methods that exist, email marketing has become the most effective. Not only that it has the highest ROI, but it also leads in CTR, CR, and user preference for communication. If you are wondering how to start an email newsletter, here is a five-minute read that will lead you through the process.

Starting an email newsletter is essential to business growth and client communication. You will benefit from constant communication with your users, reminding inactive users that you are still there, and sharing important information.

What do You Need to Get Started?

Most people tend to go about the process at the end. They search for a designer, build a template, and then look for an App to dispatch the newsletter.  Here is a more effective one that you should consider using.

  1. Choose an email platform or App to dispatch your newsletter: This is a must since you may be surprised by all the tools and features that are bundled in email marketing software. They sometimes offer templates, registration pages and snippets, and list creation tools.
  2. Create your email list: This is a simple step and entails choosing a name for the list and who will be able to subscribe to it. For example, a music website may create a list entitled ‘Reggae’ which would include all the members who love reggae music.
  3. Integrate your list with your website
  4. Build your list
  5. Send email newsletter

Choosing Your Email Newsletter Software

This is the first step in building an effective email newsletter. The newsletter dispatching software may exist in two forms. Hosted or in-house.

Hosted Platforms: Hosted email newsletters have become one of the largest SaaS and were essentially the very first. Early companies such as Constant Contact, pioneered the industry, which has now become a multi-billion dollar market segment.

One of the benefits of hosted platforms is that they are already whitelisted by google and Bing and your website won’t get banned for SPAM.

You should go for this option especially if you do not want to invest in a special hosting server and extra staff. Here is one excellent software that works great for WordPress users.


MailPoet is an email newsletter platform that you can seamlessly integrate with your WordPress software. The software is very light and offers unique features that will enhance your marketing efforts.


  • Many templates to choose from that cover any niche
  • Autoresponders for registers, confirmation, and unsubscription
  • Email sequencing for automation of sales, affiliates, etc.
  • Integrates with registration and contact forms
  • Uses double opt-in method
  • Integrates with popular CRMs such as Jetpack
  • Providing detailed tracking of deliveries, bounce, opens, clicks, and forwards

MailPoet is completely free until you have reached 1,000 subscribers. Another aspect of MailPoet that you will adore, is its integration of your existing WooCommerce or WordPress subscribers

The App also allows you to place snippets on your web pages, landing pages, or special pages or posts.

In-house Email Newsletter Software

Sometimes for security reasons, or just if you prefer, you may opt to host your email software in-house.  One of the disadvantages of using your own domain is that you will need to whitelist it.  That is, build a history of only sending double opt-in emails.

This comes with the risk of you being labeled as a SPAM violator. The consequences may include your website and server being blacklisted, or if it is an external hosting, the cancellation of your services, and your domain is banned from Google and Bing.

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However, there are many benefits of hosting it on-site. The top of these are the monthly fees that you will save, and you won’t have to pay more each time that your list reaches a tier.

One common App is PHP Mailer.

PHP Mailer is a free email newsletter software that can be installed on your web server. The installation is easy, especially with web server software such as Softocolus. Once installed the setup takes a matter of minutes.


  • Create unlimited email list groups
  • Autoresponder templates for subscription and registration
  • Registration pages and snippets
  • The reports provide tracking of deliveries opens, bounces, and clicks.
  • Double opt-in subscriber verification method
  • Can be used to clean inactive list

PHP Mailer is one of the best options for managing a self-hosted mailing list.

Building Your List from Zero

Starting your email list can be slow at the beginning, However, there are some steps that you should take to enhance the growth process.

Use Subscription Snippets: Place subscription snippets where they can be easily seen. Add them to your most trafficked pages and be sure to have them on the home page.

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Send Email Newsletter

Registration and Contact Forms: Provide an option on your registration and contact forms for users to subscribe to your newsletter. Include a checkbox to make it easy.

Social Sharing: Place social sharing icons in your newsletter so that the subscribers may refer a friend. You can also include a link to forward the email to a friend.

Keep affiliates Apart: Be sure to maintain your affiliates in a separate list. The information is different for each.

How to Craft Your Email Newsletter Copy

Once you have set your backdrop, it is time to open the curtains and start sending engaging email newsletters. Here are a few pointers to consider when creating email copy.

  1. Use an attractive headline and subtitle for your newsletter. This will help the open rate.
  2. Use a synopsis of your articles and link the document to your website. Do not send the full piece in your newsletters. You would have them visit your website
  3. Include a buy now link that allows for direct purchasing from your newsletter
  4. Try not to talk only about your company. Include articles of interest to the client.
  5. Try to offer something free in each newsletter. Maybe a discount, referral bonus, free coupons, etc.

Writing your newsletter copy should take the tone of the message you desire to share – inform, share, or request information. Talk directly to your client in an engaging manner, so they will feel close to your company.

Creating an email newsletter has benefits and is the best vehicle for keeping in touch with your clients and users.

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