How to Write a Press Release

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a short news brief sharing information with the public. It is like a Twitter tweet only with more content. Writers use this type of article to provide details about a specific subject that they deem newsworthy.  The aim is to attract more attention and create chatter.

News media are happy to receive these bulletins on a regular basis since they provide needed content and can now create descriptive features and investigations or obtain comments from their viewers. Modern press releases are divulged faster through the hundreds of organizations that are involved in the distribution process.

How to Create Your Press Release

You can start writing your release when you want the world to know something is happening.  Firstly, ask yourself why people would want to know this information.  How will they benefit from it? Why is it important and how they can access more details?

Once you have decided what you want to scream about, it is time to make that headline.

Craft an Appealing Headline                         

Write a Press Release
Press Release Writing

Titles are written for two purposes: for SEO and for getting noticed.  News headlines should be dramatic and concise. You are sure to read this article if it says Man Bites Dog more quickly than Dog Bites Man.

Be creative, write different options if you have and then choose the one you like most.

Write a Short Summary of Your Story                                                                                                                    

 In this summary, include the most essential information, saving the details for your next three to four paragraphs.  This introduction is meant for news editors who won’t want to waste too much time finding out if your article is newsworthy.

Look at these two sample summaries of Google Pixel 7.

‘Google launched its new Pixel 7 at the Made by Google show on October 6’.

‘The October 6 Made by Google show was a wide awakening for competitors Apple and Samsung, as the search giant launched its new Pixel 7.’  

The second is attractive and makes everyone ready to read more about Google Pixel 7.

How to Give Details in a Press Release? 

The details of a release article are the most important, as it serves as your sales pitch to viewers. Here, you must provide relevant facts and instructions relating to the subject. You only have about 350 words (EIN Presswire) before your reader turns away to find something better.

Be concise in your deliberation. Too many rats never dig a good hole is worded better Use two rats to dig the hole.

Close With a Summary  

After you have written all the details, repeat the main points in a closing paragraph. Your press release is now newsworthy.


Try EIN Presswire for free or paid press releases.

For a sample press release click here (note: pop-up box) 16 Wild Horses Found Shot in Utah (

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  1. Press releases should always be heavily circulated through PR agencies and websites. There are tons of such agencies and websites to help press releases reach the mass with their own networks. Just give it a thought to whether the effort is worth it as everyone is using the same process to promote their goods or services.

    1. Till now I couldn’t get a clear picture about the PR kind of articles. What is the difference between a standard post and a PR? Is it the writing style or type of content or something else?

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