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Most people are accustomed to a forty-hour work week, a day job, where there is an established salary. They work nine to five and grow within an organized reward system based on performance, tenure, and education. They earn enough to make a living within their ideals. Yet, many people still ask the question, can this be done online?


Remote Permanent Jobs

The remote and freelance sectors of the online job market have become the bread and butter for most since the COVID-19 pandemia. A large percentage still maintain their original jobs only that now, they work from home or remote locations. Employers are finding ways to keep their businesses afloat while they reduce overhead costs.

Some businesses pay a basic hourly salary ranging from US$16 to US$53.  Others pay fixed monthly salaries of about US52,000 or more. They track their time through software such as Timely on Hub staff or find a way to evaluate work on per task basis.

Can Online Freelance Work Make a Living?

There is a larger workforce that sums up the millions of online users who are seeking ways to monetize their surfing experience. A great part of this task force is satisfied with small side gigs that bring in pennies, but not enough to make the bills or quit your day job.  Yet, there is a sleeping reality that every web surfer should discover.  You can make a better living on the Internet.

The smaller part of the web community, just a small fraction, has discovered that there is a lot of money to be made online. Billions of shoppers with huge spending power are ready to be engaged. They look for value in every niche and from any level of expertise. This article will focus on just seven of the best-paying and most affordable ways to kick-start your mint.

  • Blogging: I have placed this in the #1 position because of the ease with which you can get started. There are so many ways to get lessons, tons of how-to guides, and platforms that offer jobs to bloggers. The average blogger can make between US$23,000 and US$57,000 (Statista) with an inversion from US$0.00 to US$175.00 plus your time.

How to get started with blogging? You can learn to blog and find blogging jobs on places like Problogger, but you can learn from blogging software such as WordPress. A good place to start is getting an attractive domain and hosting it with a reliable web host, check out GoDaddy or Bluehost. If you do not have a bankroll, you can always get a free blog on

Install a blogging software of your choice: There are tons of these like WordPress, Concrete, B2Evolution, Simple Site, etc. Once you have installed and configured your blog, it is time to start creating samples of your talents.

Show off your skills: Before you start seeking jobs or publishing gigs, create a few articles. Make sure that these are your very best pieces.  Divide your niche into at least three categories. I started with four, I now have about fifteen. In each of these creatives use an eye-catching image.  Make sure that the image is related to your article or your niche.

Pre-Launch: With your articles ready, you can now go live. However, make your launch an event that everyone knows about. Firstly, ask your friends, families, or neighbors, to visit your site and make comments to you (not on your website). Listen to them, make adjustments and go to the next pre-launch step.

Visit a few webmaster forums (, and ask them to evaluate your new blog. They will now give you free, professional tips, and you would have gotten your first free website links.

Launch your website: Write a press release (Go here to learn to write one) announcing the launch of your blog. This will have your site appearing on more than 250 news sites including Bing, Google News, ABC News, and PrimeTime. The PR press release will allow you to get the first release free. Be sure to purchase one to get a big bang.

Get Blogging Jobs: Many places will hire you to write blogs that they wouldn’t hold on a single-page file.  Register with them and you will get information every time a new blog offer is posted.  When applying for a blog job, ensure you include three links to your articles.

Once I applied for a story-writing job and never got a reply. About a month later I saw the ad again. So, I reapplied but this time included a sample story.  I now write one short story every week for this company.

Places to apply that have worked out well for me:,,,,,,, and

Final Tips: Do not be lazy, write new blogs frequently. If you have only one visitor that keeps coming back, let him find new stuff to read. He will eventually talk about your blog.

Note: This is the end of Part One of this article, Is it Possible to Make a Living Online? Very soon we will tell you how to make US$5,000 per month as an SEO Expert.    Click here to join our Newsletter, it is completely free.


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  1. It is true that many like being self-employed and make a living working online. But one needs to be smart enough to source new clients frequently as the existing ones may stop buying the services anytime, without any notice period. Is it not better to focus on monetizing the blogging site through Google Adsense or affiliates like Amazon?

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