Learn how to make a living writing online.

The answer is yes, you can make a living writing. With market research of the content creation industry showing a growth of $417.85 trillion between 2021 and 2026 (Technavia), the odds of earning from content creation have expanded. The increase is driven by new social media trends, impulsed by the popularity of mobile devices and smartphone apps that allow users to stay connected for longer intervals.  

For a writer, the Bee Gees song that says ‘its only words, and words are all I have..’’ is a survival matter. Words are used everywhere, from daily newspapers to small snippet ads. These words unite to give meaning- thoughts, letters, blogs, guides, books – and they need skilled people to arrange them in these usable formats. There are more ways to earn with this juggling talent of content creation. Here are a few of them:

  • Work with an established company
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Write blogs, articles, or reviews
  • Write books, ebooks, and how-to guides
  • Offer copywriting services
  • Write scripts (videos or podcasts)
  • Ghostwrite for content platforms
The global market hosts tons of people who make a living writing.
Make a Living online

Make a Living Writing Inhouse Content

From editing web pages to creating products description, writers can make a living writing in-house content for companies that will hire them. These companies advertise their vacancies on job boards and freelance networks. They seek workers remotely hosted or onsite. 

Working for these companies has large benefits to the writer as it is a steady stream of income for the given talent. According to PR Newswire, an increase of 16.5% more companies are hiring full-time or part-time in-house writers. Here are some common platforms where companies publish their vacancies.

Make a Living Writing Articles and Blogs

There is a high-demand market in which writers can make a living writing articles or blogs. Companies seeking SEO content are looking for articles that are specially prepared to enhance their rankings in search engine results. The market has become a tight race and more writing opportunities open daily.

Content creation has become a direct avenue for companies to access social media users who are more connected on over one billion smartphones. They must impress both the readers and the search engines. This makes it necessary to provide relevant content and at the same time optimize it for SEO and evergreen concepts.

Companies are hiring thousands of freelancers

  • To write articles and blogs for websites
  • To optimize their content for search engines and evergreen concepts 
  • To conduct research on related topics and transform them into digests for readers

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, there are millions of freelance writing opportunities that are advertised daily that will help content creators make a living writing. Here are a few places that have provided blogging opportunities for advertisers.

  1. Problogger
  2. Blogging Pro
  3. Craig’s List

Article and Blog Writing Guides and Tools 
Article writers and bloggers can find support for their creative process from many platforms that are dedicated to improving the writer’s abilities and providing tools that enhance the quality of content.

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Grammarly is an editing tool that helps writers create error-free copies. The software is one of the best AI and is a must-have. The product offers a desktop app that allows instantaneous editing – correcting as you write- and a web browser app that works seamlessly as you work online.

The software comes with a free version limited to basic editing and extends to business and professional editions. Try Software

Freelance Writing Jobs is a free tutoring platform that helps writers, providing tips, writing templates, writing opportunities, and in-depth guides. Visit site

How to Make a Living Writing for Content Centers
Writers who want a steady flow of income, and who prefer not to make direct pitches, can make a living writing for content centers. These platforms are hired by big firms that outsource their writing needs. This allows them to have a continuous workflow and assures the freelancer of continued writing tasks.

Some platforms pay more than others, so be sure to investigate the pay rates available and choose one that is a fit for you. 

The Registration Process: Most content centers will ask for a portfolio of previous works. If you do not have written articles, you can start by creating a few and loading them to your blog, website, or on a free site that allows your credits, such as Baskadia, or Wix.com.

Create a cover letter that includes a summary of your skills, your experience, and links to your samples. Here are some great places to apply that will provide ongoing work and competitive rates.

    1. IAPWE
    2. ClearVoice
    3. Barefoot Writers

Make a Living Writing Junk Mail 
Junk mail or unsolicited email is online cold calling. Companies find means and ways to get an ad copy before you, unsolicited. Most users receive tons of these offers daily including from Google on behalf of these firms. Yet, one may ask, where do these emails originate? Does someone get paid to create them?

The answer is yes. People make a living writing junk mail.

Companies do not advertiser a vacancy for a junk mail writer, no, they promote this need as a copywriter. Copywriting focuses on ad creation and may take tons of formats – contextual, banners, newsletters, videos, scripts, articles, etc.  

Most job boards present daily offers from employers looking for copywriters.  The three listed below are a small fraction of available boards, you can find more with a Google search for this topic.

Tips to Making a Living Writing Short Stories
According to GNW, the global fiction market is set to reach US$10.56  billion in 2022, 61% being online fiction readers. Short stories are fictional works that range from 101 words to as many as 15000 words, and thanks to the magazines and publishers that buy them, it is easy to make a living writing short stories.

Most of these magazines and publishers operate both printed and online editions of their short story newsletters. Short stories earn an average of $0.05 per word, with the higher end being $0.10 and the lowest at a rate of $0.01 per word.

Some magazines pay a fixed price per story, ranging from $25 to $300. Below are links to two major submission centers used by magazines and publishers to solicit short stories. The third entry is a publisher’s help center that assists fiction writers with tips, templates, guides, seminars, and news.

  1. Submittable
  2. Duotrope
  3. Authors Publisher Magazine

Find out if You Can Make a Living Writing
Once upon a time, when the Internet was still young, Jack Know Little wrote an article and made thousands of dollars. In 2012 he woke up and found himself broke, a fifteen-year-old kid out-googled him and out-wrote his article. He discovered reality 101; you too can find out if you can make a living writing.

Writing has moved beyond combining words into sentences and saying them because you know it as a fact. Writing is now a creative science that requires credible sources for each statement, statistic, or declaration. That is because there is so much content in a free web land with no authoritative body.

We have become our own protectors from scams and false information. Yet, documents must now pass plagiarism tests and are driven by keywords and phrases. Are you sure that writing is for you?

Here is a quick evaluation test that will help you decide if you should use writing as a full-time job. Click Here

How to Make a Living Writing Academic Work
From Thesis to SOPs, e-books to manuscripts, writers can work from home and make a living writing academic work. The writing style of academic work is different from the standard articles, and except SOPs, LORs and LEMs, have an average length of 25000 words. Platforms in this niche have ongoing workloads and constantly seek more writers. Here are the pros and cons of academic writing


  • Constant work and income all year round
  • Earning potential is unlimited per job 
  • SOPs letters pay better than average articles


  • Books and thesis require in-depth research, citations, and outline approvement
  • Editing can consume a lot of time on large assignments
  • Audience, tones, and writing formats are very strict.

Finding Academic Work
Although it is not popular with new writers, many job boards and content centers seek academic writers. Here are a few

Ready to Make a Living Writing?
By now, you can see with us that it is possible to make a living writing. It doesn’t matter what you write or where you are creating from, there is a huge multi-trillion-dollar market waiting for your pen. You can start making a living on our website

Be sure to read our terms and condition as you start your journey to making a living writing.

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