Review – In It Together

In It Together

Review: In It Together

The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All

By: Eckhart Arelius Hughes

We are in it together, a common and renowned political and religious phrase, yet Eckhart Arelius Hughes sets out to prove that this is our inherent reality. The book, In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All, takes us on a wide awakening journey to prove that there is something that unites us and thoroughly convinces us of what that is.

Pit against an uphill battle, the writer carefully leads us to review, investigate, and consider the true elements that are responsible for the gross divide of our world. Using the case of starving children, where he reminds us that ten thousand children starve to death every day, he presents the case that we do not solve such problems since we cannot help ourselves. Insistently and softly repeating it in case we may have missed it.

Readers will walk away extremely satisfied with the conclusion of this book, that we are partakers of a conscious love that can lead us back from a great divide. In his own words “Conscious love is a sense of true one-ness with others.”  He presents a solution that identifies ‘two you’ in each of us, one being the conscious spirit.

Not many writers are this creative to step outside religion while presenting some of its underlining fabrics, which is the spiritual being. As his book declares, ‘like beauty in the eyes..the divinity in a rose may be the nose that smells it.’

Another thing that I admired, was the use of literary contexts. The book becomes a colorful land of recitable quotes, which I believe speakers will be using for years to come. Here are a few examples: the cosmos make jokes, you are the constant spirit, and the universe is soaked in the capacity of consciousness.

The book concludes with a euphoric theme that it does not matter what we face, war or natural disasters, pain, or joy, we can find comfort if we are in it together.

Although the book is undeniably one of the best nonfiction masterpieces of this decade, I was hoping to find more political persuasions and overtures, even though he stated at the beginning that it was not a political book. I wanted to hear him calling to the leaders of nations, corporate empires, and social groups, challenging them to join this agenda.

Hughes has delivered on his promise, and it is now up to all of us to make his work a reality.