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Key Search


What is Key Search?

The SEO market is expanding and as it does, you need better tools to attain search engine optimization. Key Search is an all-inclusive SEO toolkit armed with LSI keyword research and analytics.  The software is designed to enhance keyword research and enable the SEO to compete for top-place search engine positions.  If you are vying for search supremacy then this App is ideal for both your budget and your goals.

You will notice many differences between Key Search and other SEO toolkits such as SEMrush, Aherf, LSI Graph, etc. One of the principal innovations it brings is a non-Google SEO tag that may soon take a foothold in the industry. While other tools focus on Google and Bing, this software includes social media platforms and Etsy. This allows you to compete efficiently on communities such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which do have their own search systems.

What is the Quality Score?

the major search engines have grown smarter and are better at judging how content holds up to its essence.  Google will evaluate an article based on the informational value it has to its audience. It’s like creating an “Authority Article” that is measured based on the corporal elements and how they relate to each other.  SEOs can benefit from this score by creating an article that outperforms it. That is, earn a higher value.

If you search for the keyword ‘sickle cell news’, Key Search will return a note that the Score is 46. It will then provide a list of related keywords, their search volumes, the CPC, the PPC, etc.  With this knowledge, the SEO will create an article with a quality score of 60 and should be able to surpass the closest competitor.

Key Search
Key Search Tool

Key Search Features

Before you dump the other toolkits, you may want to see some o the top features of  Key Search.  You will still need a writing tool such as Windows or WordPress.

  1. Great Price:  You can use the free version or start with a premium version for just about $20 per month.
  2. Provide keyword Analytics: Key Search will provide detailed information on your keywords that will help you prepare a better article.
  3. Site Evaluation: The tool will indicate the SEO strength of your website and shed light on what you can do to outperform your competition/
  4. Provide Writing Tips: You will be impressed at how the software can tell you what people want to know about your topic, and how many words you need to write.
  5. Youtube Analyzer: The tool is a keyword checker that works exclusively with YouTube. This is one of the only software with this tool.

Key Search is an excellent SEO toolkit to have at hand, and using it will enhance our chance at search engine domination.