LSI Graph – LSI Keyword Generator for SEO

LSI Graph - LSI Keyword Tool Review

What is LSI Graph?
LSI Graph is more than just an LSI keyword generator for SEO. The software is on technology that keeps abreast with Google search algorithms in order to help webmasters achieve better positions on the search engine page results. By analyzing the content of search queries, the tool can provide recommendations for semantic usage during article creation.

Google search technology has advanced over the years moving from Hummingbird (launched August 2013), Rank Brain (rolled out in spring, 2015) to BERT – an AI bot from Google released in October 2019. The central purpose of these algorithm changes has been to provide relevant searches to users. According to LSI Graph, their software has been able to adapt to these updates and provide vital information that can land exactitude in page rankings.

What are LSI Keywords?
LSI keywords are related terms to your primary keyword or phrase. The terminology latent semantic indexing (LSI) refers to an old algorithm created in 1989 to enable search bots to understand the page content. The italics continue to be used even though search engines no longer use the technology. The use of semantic words or phrases is important to page ranking, and thus the underlying principle of LSI is still relevant.

Who Should Use LSI Graph?
This SEO tool has been designed for webmasters, SEO, or organizations with multiple clients. Just about anyone who is looking to compete better on the SERPs. This would include every single website or blog, however, it is best used by the following persons

  • SEOs
  • Webmasters who understand basic SEO and how to optimize their own sites
  • Content writers who desire to improve their ranking
  • SEO companies that need to stay abreast with search engine changes and trends
  • Bloggers who want to increase traffic

Features of LSI Graph

  1. Gives recommendations for creating competitive content: LSI Graph will provide writing .exact location in the SERPs.
  2. Provide an SEO content score for your articles: This will show the possible position of your page in comparison to your competitor.
  3. SERP Analyzer provides insight into the top-ranking content structure.
  4. Provides the “People also Ask’ feature from Google to help improve your writing
  5. Recommends top-ranking outbound links for your article
  6. Create impressive SEO content maps
  7. Available in more than 35 languages
  8. Integrates with editing tools such as Grammarly

Challenges of Using the LSI Graph SEO Tool

  1. LSI graph is costly for the average blogger with a monthly price tag starting at $29
  2. Software is created for advanced users and may be challenging to newbies
  3. Since the software conducts searches based on location, the extent of some SEO work will be limited.
  4. There is no trial period and users must take the words of the owners as proven. This limits one’s ability to evaluate.

Outside these challenges, LSI Graph is a great tool for anyone who consider competing with SEO or generating organic traffic, Click here to start your SERP victories.