Allergy Friendly Restaurants

Eating out is a delight but for those with special diets, the question might be are there allergy friendly restaurants in Hood River, OR? The resounding yes brought us to the tables of some of the best gluten-free restaurants, like the four listed below. They boast menus for standard, vegan and special diet customers.

 Farm Stand Deli

Located at 1009 12th Street, Farm Stand Deli proudly boasts to be one of the allergy friendly restaurants in Hood River, OR.  Offering a detailed menu, they host a Deli and café inside the health food market. Among their special dishes are sandwiches and salads made with nut-based cheese and dairy-free spreads. They also serve smoothies with coconut milk.

 Pelinti Pizza

Pelinti Pizza serves a wide variety of pizzas and crust bread. It is unusual that a pizza would declare itself as an allergy friendly restaurant in Hood River, OR, but it is. In one review left by a client, their ‘amazing Mamma Hummus is delicious, and I finished it on my way home.’

The Mama Hummus dish is served with gluten-free dough, pickled cucumber, feta, and warm flatbread.

Full Sail Brew Pub

This small tinker spot is yet another allergy friendly restaurant in Hood River, OR.  It serves a tempeh veggie burger, salads, hummus, and Tofurkey sausage products – all gluten-free.

Riverside Restuarant

Riverside is an Italian, allergy friendly restaurant in Hood River, OR.  It offers an exquisite menu with options for gluten-free cuisine. From delicious buns made from gluten-free dough to Italian recipes and dishes, it is by far one of the largest options.

There are great places to dine but not all may meet the dietary preferences that you seek, be it vegan, vegetarian, or just an allergy friendly restaurant in Hood River, OR.

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  1. The allergy-friendly restaurant is a good idea. The hospitality industry should take note of it and wish all the restaurants to come up with a similar concept. How about having diabetes-friendly restaurants?

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