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Getting to the bike riding trail after you complete an errand, like dropping the kids off at school, can be a great way to use leisure time. Yet, how do you transport your bike? This is where the bike rack for automotive comes in and they are ideal for SUVs. Once you have one installed you can seamlessly add your bike rack.

There are many bike racks especially made for SUVs and they benefit the rider in many ways.

  • Prevents theft, once neatly fitted into place, a potential would need advanced tools to remove the bike from the rack.
  • Easier to exercise between chores, and completing your health riding plans.
  • No more damage to the car interior, roof, or trunk.
  • Save space If you plan to travel with family, having a bike in the back seat limits your passenger seating.

What are the types of racks that are ideal for an SUV?
Before buying your bike rack, you should decide on how many bikes you plan to carry, some can hold between 2 -5 bikes, while others may just fit one. Here are the top four most common types of bike racks for vehicles.

  1. Hitch Mounted: This is one of the roomiest types of bike racks and can carry up to five bikes at once. Since this is a rear job, you might be careful that it does not trammel driving in reverse mode. If your SUV has a rear spear tire mounted, then you won’t be able to use this type.
  2. Strap-on Trunk Racks: These are by far the most commonly used by SUVs, even though they have a maximum space of three bikes. They are easily folded to reduce space and come with the full installation kit. You should remember that once the bikes are mounted, you won’t be able to access the rear door.
  3. Spear Tire Bike Racks: If your SUV is equipped with a rear spare tire, then this is the best option since the rack is mounted directly on the tire or the spare tire mount. This model carries up to two bikes
  4. Roof-mounted Bike Racks: This multipurpose rack is placed on the roof and can carry up to five bikes. Besides bikes, you can carry other things, such as luggage or buckets. However, since the bikes are mounted upright, you should be careful when crossing beneath wires or low shrubs.

Fitting a bike rack to your SUV can add pleasure to your leisure or fitness schedule.

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  1. Fitness-concerned people usually look for such racks to carry their bikes comfortably on their SUVs and this article has correctly defined the various models. However, what if I own a hatchback instead of an SUV?

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